1. Opportunity set – bigger due to being able to buy into mid caps.

2. Time to implement decisions – the ability to timeously make asset allocation and stock picking calls is a big advantage for smaller and medium sized asset managers.

3. Proven track record – a fund manager’s ability to manage a client’s money through various market cycles is imperative.

4. Research capability and systems – Rezco has the unique ability in South Africa to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to process data into valuable information that can be used to complement a traditional investment process.

Rezco Asset Management’s unique investment philosophy results in our funds having a low correlation to other asset manager’s funds.

We make sure not to put our client’s eggs in one basket. Combining funds that have a low correlation to each other into a client’s portfolio will ensure that a client is well diversified against volatile markets. Read more about this here.

Beta is a measure of an instrument’s volatility in relation to a particular benchmark. If an equity’s price moves more than the market over time then it will have a beta of greater than 1. Conversely, if an equity’s price moves less than the market over time then it will have a beta of less than 1, meaning it is less volatile than the market.

Rezco has a low beta, meaning that we are less risky than the overall market.

Rezco does not manage money according to a benchmark. This means we can buy into and sell any share, regardless of its weight in the benchmark. We will not over/under weight a share. If we like a company, we will own it with conviction. If we do not like a company, we will simply not own it. This is clearly visible in our portfolios, where we often hold companies, especially mid-caps, that other fund managers do not hold with the same conviction.

TRACK all decisions and recommendations, LEARN from them, REWARD accordingly. This mindset is deeply ingrained in the investment research team, where decisions regarding the management of our portfolios are tracked. This is so that the team may learn from decisions, and be rewarded for the good ones.

alis_, an independent Rezco affiliate, is an autonomous learning investment system. alis_ leverages cutting-edge machine learning technologies to find great investment opportunities at scale, based on the thought that deep learning is going to fast become an essential tool for investing.

Painstaking attention to feature management, model iteration cycles and a groundbreaking Investment AI AutoML framework set alis_ apart.

Find out more about alis_ here.