The epidemic of poverty

In South Africa and across the world, poverty, gender inequality and many other barriers rob people of their basic human rights, preventing them from achieving their full potential. When people are left behind, society as a whole suffers – and the world’s United Nations Sustainable Development Goals remain out of reach.

But when we strive to make a difference, we can start to break down these barriers, building hope, transforming communities, and changing lives.

If we all play a part, we can achieve the SDGs. We can help to build a fairer, better world.

“Our strategic objective is to serve communities through partnerships with key stakeholders. Together, we can make an enormous difference.”

The Rezco Foundation is not just a financial supplier, but a strategic partner. When we walk alongside an NPO, we know they have the ability to bring change, we trust them to make an impact – and we support them as best we can. For us, it’s not about making a donation, but about making a meaningful difference. It’s about serving communities most in need.

“Our focus is on the 4th bottom line: people, planet, profit and purpose.”

Links Between the Rezco Foundation Partners and the United Nations SDGs

Many of our partner organisations are already contributing towards many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identified by the United Nations to transform our world: