This is my last report as Executive Chairman of Rezco, as I will be assuming a non-executive role in January 2019.

It has been a season of 20 years of fascinating development, with Rezco having the potential to grow even more significantly into the fullness of its purpose and destiny in the coming years.

Thankfulness and gratitude are most appropriate at this time.

We thank all our investors for entrusting the care of their capital to us. It is an immense privilege for us and we appreciate and highly value the opportunity you gave us to serve you.

Thanks very much to Rob Spanjaard, our CEO. Rezco is blessed to be led by your astute business acumen and gifted investment ability.
Thanks to all our special people at Rezco. The future is yours to create and accomplish, which I have faith you can do.

Thanks to all my fellow directors, both on our executive team, and to our non-executive directors who serve us so well. We appreciate your capable service to Rezco.

We are immensely grateful to all our service providers and the statutory organisations that we report to and relate with. We appreciate the relationships built over the years. Thank you for giving us the chance to build and grow.

A special thank you to my wife Morag, who has been an inspired Rezco supporter and member of the Rezco team and family from the beginning.

More information is available here: Rezco Asset Management – Annual Investor Communication 2018