The year to August 2017 has been a season of developing, refining, building and growing capability at Rezco, especially in the areas of systems and the use of technology.

We have made much progress, with the result that the quality and capability of Rezco as a business has been enhanced.

The business has been enabled to cover a much wider range, quantity and depth in important areas such as investment research, administration, compliance, and client service.

In a world of wide ranging political, social and business change, it puts Rezco in an even better position to deliver.

The exciting thing is that from here further growth and development is possible, placing Rezco on a firm growth path for the future, with enhanced potential to serve investors well.

Our fund range remains clear and focused on investors for their particular requirements.

We are making good improvements to the Rezco Global Fund, which will enhance its appeal to investors. Rezco will be releasing more detailed information in due course.

Thank you to all our Rezco people, and appreciation to all our service providers.

A special appreciation and thank you to all our investors who have entrusted the care of their capital to us.

More information is available here: Rezco Asset Management – Annual Investor Communication 2017