Our Rezco Value Trend Fund has achieved exceptional returns complemented with substantially reduced exposure to risky assets.

The equity exposure of the Rezco Value Trend Fund since inception in 2004 has only averaged 65%. Meticulous, concentrated stock selection has enabled the Rezco Value Trend Fund to be less correlated to the overall market and therefore enabled the fund to generate superior performance for investors.

The fund can invest in a variety of asset classes such as shares, bonds, listed property and cash. Equity exposure is currently limited to 75% and foreign exposure is currently limited to 25%. The fund aims to produce inflation-beating returns, while minimising downside risk. The objective is to achieve returns well in excess of inflation measured over three to five year periods (SA Inflation + 5%).


The Rezco Value Trend Fund is suitable for investors:

  • looking to achieve long-term capital growth
  • that want to preserve the purchasing power of their capital over the long-term
  • who seek exposure to the earnings potential of equities while taking advantage of the fund’s multi-asset mandate, which enables a reduction in equity exposure in periods of high risk

1 Year 3 Years Ann. 5 Years Ann. 10 Years Ann.
Rezco Value Trend A 11.8 7.7 11.5 11.5
FTSE/JSE All Share 20.1 9.0 13.0 9.7
ASISA SA MA High Equity 12.7 7.6 10.1 8.2

Source: Morningstar as at 31 October 2017

5 YEAR PERIOD Std Dev Sortino Ratio Max Drawdown Worst Month Down Capture Ratio
Rezco Value Trend A 6.8 1.3 -7.9 -4.3 13.9
FTSE/JSE All Share 11.0 1.0 -8.3 -5.7 100.0

Source: Morningstar as at 31 October 2017

The fund aims to outperform the South African equity market over the long term, without taking on greater risk. By preserving capital and creating wealth the fund delivers good returns across the cycle with low volatility. The fund’s benchmark is the FTSE/JSE All Share Index (J203).

The fund is expected to achieve returns well in excess of inflation measured over three to five year periods (SA Inflation + 5%).

Initial Fee None
Management Fee 1.25% per year (Unit Class A)
0.75% per year (Unit Class B)
0.65% per year (Unit Class C)
*availability of the above classes is subject to investor type and size, and at the discretion of Rezco Asset Management.
Performance Fee 0.075% for every 1% out performance against the JSE All Share Index up to a maximum of 0.75% per year and only when there is an absolute return.

ASISA South African Multi-Asset High Equity Sector. The fund compares well with moderate balanced funds with long-term average of 60% – 68% equity allocation.

We issue monthly Regulation 28 compliance certificates and perform daily Regulation 28 compliance checks on the portfolio. Ongoing compliance is however not a stated requirement in the mandate.


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