Through a conservative approach the fund seeks to provide capital stability by investing in a broad range of securities including a mix of equities, bonds, listed gilts, interest bearing securities, money market instruments and property markets.  The total equity exposure (including international equity) will be between 0% and 40%.


The Rezco Stable Fund is suitable for:

  • conservative investors requiring a high level of capital protection, with the potential for capital growth through a low exposure to equity markets, and who do not wish to make complex asset allocation decisions between equities, cash and bonds, both locally and offshore.
  • investors who seek diversification across all asset classes and a maximum equity exposure of 40% helps to reduce risk and volatility.

3 Months Since Inception
Rezco Stable A -1.0 8.7
ASISA South African MA Low Equity 1.5 15.3

Source: Morningstar as at 31 December 2017

Fund was only launched in May 2015. Risk numbers will be made available in a few months’ time.

Benchmark Inflation + 3%
Peer Group ASISA South African – Mult-Asset – Low Equity

Initial Fee None
Management Fee 1.00% per year (Unit Class A)
0.50% per year (Unit Class C)
*availability of the above classes is subject to investor type and size, and at the discretion of Rezco Asset Management.
Performance Fee a participation rate of 10% in the out-performance above the benchmark up to max of 1%. Calculated on a rolling 1 year basis and only paid when rolling 1 year returns are positive.


Rezco Equity Fund Rezco Global Fund