The Rezco Managed Plus (previously known as Rezco Prudential) fund is actively managed to comply with the investment limits governing retirement funds, as it complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act. The fund is therefore suitable to form part of an investment portfolio for investors in retirement annuities, pension funds, preservation funds and provident funds. The fund invests in a combination of shares, bonds and cash. The share weighting in the portfolio may not exceed 75% of the fund’s portfolio, while exposure to foreign assets (excluding Africa) is currently limited to 25%.


The Rezco Managed Plus Fund is suitable for investors:

  • looking to achieve steady long-term capital growth
  • who wish to invest in a unit trust that complies with retirement fund investment limits
  • who seek exposure to the earnings potential of equities but with reduced risk by way of the fund’s Regulation 28 mandate

1 Year 3 Years Ann. 5 Years Ann.
Rezco Managed Plus A 2.3 2.4 8.6
FTSE/JSE All Share 17.4 6.1 11.2
ASISA SA MA High Equity 7.3 4.3 8.3
Source: Morningstar as at 28 February 2018

5 YEAR PERIOD Std Dev Sortino Ratio Max Drawdown Worst Month Down Capture Ratio
Rezco Managed Plus A 7.5 0.5 -9.0 -5.1 29.6
FTSE/JSE All Share 10.9 0.7 -8.3 -5.7 100.0

Source: Morningstar as at 28 February 2018

Benchmark Average for the ASISA SA MA High Equity category portfolios as calculated by Plexus
Inflation Target Inflation + 7%

Initial Fee None
Management Fee 1.25% per year (Unit Class A)
0.75% per year (Unit Class B)
0.65% per year (Unit Class C)
*availability of the above classes is subject to investor type and size, and at the discretion of Rezco Asset Management.
Performance Fee 0.125% for every 1% out performance against the Average for the ASISA SA MA High Equity category portfolios as calculated by Plexus up to a maximum of 1.25% per year and only when there is an absolute return.

ASISA South African Multi-Asset High Equity Sector. The fund compares well with moderate balanced funds with long-term average of 60% – 68% equity allocation.


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