This fund’s emphasis is on active stock selection and will remain at least 80% invested in South African Equities at all times.

The mandate is not restricted to any specific investment style. The investment strategy is underpinned by extensive research making use of both qualitative and quantitative measures. The focus is predominantly on individual stock selection. However, macro-economic considerations such as interest rates and the performance of the rand also play an integral part in constructing the portfolio.

6 Months 1 Year Since Inception
Rezco Equity A 3.6 11.6 31.7
FTSE/JSE All Share 11.2 20.1 37.2
ASISA SA Equity General 6.9 13.0 23.8

Source: Morningstar as at 31 October 2017

SINCE INCEPTION Std Dev Sortino Ratio Max Drawdown Worst Month Down Capture Ratio
Rezco Equity A 7.3 0.2 -8.9 -5.0 42.1
FTSE/JSE All Share 10.5 0.4 -8.3 -4.0 100.0

Source: Morningstar as at 31 October 2017

To provide investors with capital growth over the long-term. The objective is to achieve returns well in excess of the FTSE/JSE All Share index, measured over three year periods.

Initial Fee None
Management Fee Direct Investors: 0.65% per year (Unit Class A)
Through Investment Platforms:  0.40% per year (Unit Class C)
Performance Fee 10% performance fee participation in the out-performance over a rolling one year period, up to a max of 1%. The performance fee is earned when the fund outperforms its Benchmark, which is the JSE All Share Index.



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