Moneyweb: Commanding a market to go up doesn’t really work

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Why China has shaken investors’ faith, US interest rates, the unwinding commodity super cycle, and protecting clients.

“RYK VAN NIEKERK: Welcome to this Market Commentator podcast, it’s Moneyweb’s weekly podcast, where I speak to South Africa’s leading investment professionals. Our guest today is Rob Spanjaard of Rezco Asset Management. Rob, welcome to the show, we are currently seeing extremely volatile markets, you have been in the hot seat of a fund for more than a decade, are you concerned right now?

ROB SPANJAARD: Ryk, part of our style is always to be concerned. We like to make money on the upside; we’re not permanently bearish but we are always trying to manage the downside scenario. It’s never nice to go down but our clients have been pretty well protected through it. August was an up month for them, the funds ended up, which we’ve been preparing for. We’ve been trying to be defensive, which wasn’t the popular message… if you go back four or five months ago. But then suddenly clients see why you’re doing it, so they appreciate it.”

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