It is fundamental to our approach that capital must be protected. Our objective is to preserve capital during times of market weakness and to outperform the overall index during periods that are positive for equities. Our strategy is to acquire interests in well managed companies for less than they are intrinsically worth, and to timeously position our clients in the correct asset classes. The Rezco investment philosophy combines the best aspects of value investing with superior sustainable earnings growth, primary trend analysis and measured market timing. We seek companies with attractive price earnings ratios relative to their long-term growth prospects. Investments are intended for the long term but we recognise the changes in circumstances that can lead to altered risk levels, necessitating earlier adjustments to the portfolios.

Our funds tend to be more concentrated than most. We make significant investments in shares that meet our highly selective criteria and aim to have a minimum of 3% of the portfolio in any one share. Rezco’s investment philosophy has been proven against objective industry standards and measures, resulting in Rezco being accorded prestigious Morningstar and Raging Bull awards.

Achieving exceptional results and maintaining the highest level of standards is core to everything that we do at Rezco Asset Management.


The Rezco Investment Process V14