Annual Investor Communication 2012

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Robert Spanjaard, Chairman, Rezco Collective Investments Ltd

Robert Spanjaard, Chairman, Rezco Collective Investments Ltd

The past year was characterized by times of intense volatility in investment markets. The financial year started with severe investor concern regarding the prospects for Europe and the Euro with many pundits even forecasting a possible dissolution of the Euro zone and ensuing financial chaos. The year continued with the USA economy and employment numbers continuing to frustrate and with growth dropping off in emerging markets such as China and Brazil. The year has ended with worries regarding the Fiscal Cliff in the USA dominating the headlines.

Despite these dark clouds, our investors achieved excellent returns for the year to August 2012. Both Rezco funds achieved excellent returns for the year with the Rezco Value Trend Fund yielding a return of 33,4% for the 12 months and achieving first place out of 66 funds in its’ sector. This outperformed our benchmark of the JSE Overall Index which achieved a return of 14.4%.

The Rezco Prudential Fund achieved a return of 23.2% for the year and achieved first place out of 82 funds in its sector. The benchmark for this fund is the average for the Prudential Fund Variable sector, the return here being 14.08%. This is a most gratifying outperformance.

Both these returns were achieved whilst sticking to our low risk investing approach. Both Funds achieved these returns with less than 75% invested in equities.

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